Slowing Down...

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It's a rejuvenating feeling to step back from daily life - getting out there to see, explore, move, create and become.
We can all appreciate the beauty of the unpredictable. 
A few years back, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.. this was such a blow to me and my entire family. The diagnosis came at a time of tire. I had a successful fashion company and was traveling the world and working non-stop. It was difficult to acknowledge that I needed to slow down and take time to refuel and find the courage to shift my own expectations for myself. 
The illness took 18 months of my life. It attacked my left ankle and prevented me from living a normal active life that I was so used to. I had to close my business. It was heartbreaking time in my life. But then, perhaps my body was telling me to slow down.. sleep.. rest and get better.. spend time with your family and find joy in small things.
The recovery was slow but meaningful. Now, I welcome the small pauses. I treasure my time with my little girl who's growing up to be a curious, thoughtful human being. I am forever grateful to my husband who stood by me and supported me.
Let your success be the symptom of a life well-lived.

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